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3RD, 4TH and 5TH Combined Convocation
by Rhema University - Thursday, 28 March 2019, 9:01 AM

Rhema University will hold its 3RD,4TH and 5TH Combined Convocation on April 13th, 2019. The venue of the Convocation is the University auditorium.


Available courses

The course explains the meaning and scope of Political Science; examines basic and introductory concepts in the discipline in order to equip the students with the appropriate tools for analysing African politics. It periodizes African politics: the pre-colonial, colonial and post-colonial eras, taking note of the nature of political institutions that were and still created and the political contestations and competitions. It explains how the development ideology and the interest(s) of each historical epoch have, in turn, shaped the conduct of African politics and the nature of political institutions such as the parliament, the political parties, and the conduct of elections. Finally, it examines the consequences of all this for democracy and development in Africa.

This course examines the thoughts and ideas of African political thinkers in the colonial and post-colonial eras. It also introduce students to the peculiar nature of the pre-colonial African societies. The discourse in this would largely focus on their ideas of the organization of society, development of political system and the nature of the State. Emphases would be placed on the context of emergence of these ideas and the relevance of such ideas for contemporary times. The place of the thoughts of these African thinkers their utility to the conduct and understanding of politics in contemporary African states would also be discussed.
The course [POL222],attempts a vivid introduction of the whole essence of the major political ideas there are to students of political science. In doing this, the team of lecturers will describe the period in which the ideas came into being. They will also outline the features of these ideas and how they have changed over time. At the end of the course, the students would be expected to be able to describe the context in which the ideas came into being, distinguish each of the ideas from the others, and have a working knowledge of the debates that have occurred within and between these political ideas.

Summary of Course

This course [POL322], largely explores the basic methodologies adopted for comparative analysis and studies in the field of political science. Thus, the exposes students to an array of methods and approaches in the field of research in political science and more importantly, in the social science research.

Introduction To Mass Communication 1 (2Units):

Consideration of Mass Communication as a  sub-type of human communication and overview of the progress: Models and elements of communication.

This course [AIC921] will integrate lecture sessions, class discussions, assigned readings, oral and written presentation of assignments, library research sessions, teamwork and small group presentations, and other activities associated with the learning and using of ICT for Educational purpose and for the enhancement the quality of human life and knowledge. All the activities will aid you in attaining the major learning objectives of this course [AIC921].